About Me

Born in 1949, I was originally from Letchworth, Hertfordshire, but for much 1980s and 1990s Brighton was home and still holds many fond memories.

After taking early retirement in 2006, after many years in the engineering industry, finishing with 16 years working for London Underground, I moved to Cornwall, near Penzance.
There, surrounded by past Newlyn and St Ives historic paintings and current Tate St Ives art,
plus many artists and art classes, I decided to take a chance and join a class, not having painted before.

The class I joined in 2007 was run by Stephen Cummins (web site), a genial giant of a man, and a superb artist, originally from Worthing, who convinced me that my drawings were good, and that my early acrylic efforts showed a great deal of promise. I was soon hooked, and I felt quite definitely that I had something important to say in my pictures. For three years I worked hard trying to keep up with the talented Wednesday group, and trying to learn and retain the basics from Stephen.

Moving back to Chichester in 2011, I tried to broaden and add to my subject matter. Cornwall lends itself very much to landscapes, and sun and water and mists feature in many of my pictures, as they feature in much of Cornwall. But in the classes we were drilled in still life, portraits, human poses, reflections on water and pavement, clouds, rocks, buildings and many other things. Now I am looking back and trying to develop some of these areas in a new environment.
Joining the Chichester Art Trail in 2012, was another step forward. Lots of positive comments from people old and young; a definite spur for me. And some of my pictures sold.